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According to the customer's requirements, shotblasting of large metal blocks is carried out only on the top surface.VIDEO
At Siapro, the length, height, and other characteristics of shotblasting machines can be adjusted to the specific requirements of the customer.
Siapro E.ECO turbines are in general highly efficient and proven extremely economical. With them, you can save a lot on costs. For information about the design and manufacturing options of our sandblasting machines, please contact our engineers at

We guarantee quick delivery of spare parts that are 100% made in the EU.

Sandblasting of models for aluminium extruction. VIDEO

Transport screw will be used for easier and faster filling of the bags with organic manure for garden vegetables and ornamental plants. Photo of the screw conveyor is from the Siapro workshop.

Siapro screw conveyors can be made of different materials. We design and manufacture custom augers. Spiral or screw screw conveyors are used in various industries for the transport of bulk material, granular and similar material. Screw conveyors are easy to maintain.
In addition to conveyor augers, we produce various conveyor equipment for the transport of bulk and bulk material (belt conveyors, pneumatic conveyors, vibro conveyors, elevators, conveyor belts, roller conveyors, mobile conveyors). The equipment is designed and manufactured and adapted to the specific requirements of the customer. If necessary, we take care of the complete automation of production transport processes.

Not at final production site, but in production for final checking and testing before delivery of Siapro shotblasting machines to the customer.

The line enables automated sorting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, slag, aluminum and other metal waste. The project was carried out on a turnkey basis, fully adapted to the wishes and production process of the customer. The capacity of the line shown in the photos and video is 5 t / h, depending on the material.

The sorting line is used for metal recycling and waste processing, as well as for the extraction of secondary raw materials and raw materials for foundries from scrap metal scrap. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin, zinc and others are sorted. In an economical way, we can obtain secondary raw materials from residues in the foundry process, for example, we obtain aluminum from other waste. VIDEO

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