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Great opportunity to get a lot!  The machine is in very good condition, year of manufacture 2011, delivery immediately.
It is suitable for blasting all kinds of products. The machine has 7000 operating hours and 2200 blasting hours. We have a 3 month warranty on the machine.

The machine has been regularly maintained and is with all the documentation and a set of turbine spare parts.
Technical data:

  • Overall machine height: ~4.250 mm
  • Max piece dimensions: 9000x1400mm
  • Max hook loading capacity: 500kg
  • Nomber of wheels: 2x Standard
  • Power of the wheel: 2 x 5,5kW
  • Dust collector: 4000m3/h
  • Total installed power: ~19 kW

There was no replacement of larger spare parts at that time, for example, protection is still complete. Only standardly declared wear parts of shotblasting turbines have been replaced.

Really special offer.
Machine can be used for shotblasting and metal cleaning  in automobile industries, casting industries, steel structural industries, metal structures industries, forging,
chemical industry, motor, machine tools industry, building metal machines and equipment industry etc.

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We are proud to have the largest domestic market shares in last years.

Shot Blasting Machines No. 48
No. of E-ECO Wheels 148

72.216 kWh/day

x Abrasive KG / min = 39,10 ton/min
Abrasive per day = 56.328,48 ton/day



Technical days with lectures and an exhibition will be held  in Portorož, hotel Slovenia, under the motto: "Castings as complex components". On Friday, 20.09.2019, from 12.00-12.30, you will be able to listen to Siapro (Simpiosn / Webac) presentations of new technologies for the foundry industry:

A. KLIMM, Simpson technology (Deutschland) GmbH, Euskirchen (D): New developments in high-performance continuous mixing in fresh sand systems

Simposn / Webac is a partner company of Siapro, with which we have already carried out joint projects in Slovenia and abroad.

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