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With the aim of further Siapro team stimulation and for the successful further development of the company, we will increase salaries by 3% in the beginning of 2020. We expect that a pay raise will continue to contribute to a favorable working environment in the company.

The pay rise is in line with the expected projects for 2020. Nevertheless, we are aware that there are many challenges in the global market. We can only successfully defeat them with a good team.
Management Siapro d.o.o.


Mr. Andre Klimm, from Simpson technology Deutschland GmbH explained about new developments in high-performance continuous mixing in fresh sand systems.
Simpson/Webac is a Siapro partner company. We have already carried out joint projects in Slovenia and abroad. Simpson Technologies Corporation
Siapro has been involved in the foundry exhibition for many years, and in recent years also as a silver sponsor.

Foto by Slovenian foundrymen society:
Siapro employees: Franci Jezeršek, Damjan Burnik, Melita Jezeršek, Aleš Jurman
Simpson technology Deutschland GmbH explained mr. Andre Klimm
mag. Mirjam Jan-Blažić, president WFO Mark Fenyes and general secretar WFO, Andrew Turner,
Organization of Foundyr days 2091Portorož: Head mag. Mirjam Jan-Blažić, Tjaša Cankar and Uroš Nović

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