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As engineering comany working in mechanical and electrical designing from beginig of the new project to final manufactiring of the equipment we are strongly involved in projects how to motivate young people for technic. We introduced our professuuon to shol children from OŠ Deskle and Kanal ob Soči.We show them real-world applications, show them our experiences and work in robotics and machines building, that can ignite their curiosity and passion for tech, we introduce young people to successful individuals in the technology field in Siapro company who inspire and serve as relatable role models, etc.
We try to create a suportive engineering environemnt with opening door of our company to young people, who can learn from practical experience.


Very important thing is to emphasize the future prospects of engineering to young people. Highlight the numerous career opportunities and job demand in the tech industry, emphasizing the potential for innovation, creativity, and financial stability. We discuss with ypung poepole who visit our company the versatility of tech skills and how we can open doors to diverse career paths.

Demonstrate how technology impacts various industries and everyday life, highlighting its role in solving real-world problems. This helps young people see the relevance of technology in their lives and how they can make a positive difference.
Foto: OŠ Kanal in Siapro


Foto was made during programming electrical equipment for a new Siapro shot blasting machine with a track and 8 turbines Siapro E.ECO of 11 kW power. Machine will have a special track for loading products of weighing up to 5000 kg. All equipment is made in Europe. We are a reliable manufacturer.
Electrical programming involves:
1. Programming involves creating a control system that manages the machine's operation, including its conveyors, truck, blast wheels, and dust collection systems.
2.   Programming relies on specialized software to control the timing, speed, and intensity of the shot blasting process to achieve the desired surface finish on the workpiece.
3.   Safety features, such as emergency stop protocols and interlocks, are crucial in the programming to ensure operator and equipment protection during the shot blasting operation.
4.   Regular maintenance and monitoring of the electrical programming are essential to maintain the machine's efficiency and safety while extending its lifespan.
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Students of the 9th grade of OS Deskle and Kanal were visiting our company. The local project Partnership for Human Resources, in which we are involved as a company, connects local companies, local schools and Local Development Center (PRC).

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