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Siapro shot blasting machines can be made out also of special material. Write to our engineers on for a quick discussion. VIDEO

This Siapro machine provides the highest requirements for shotblasting, micro forging and mechanical cleaning of metals.
Siapro as company receive the highest platinum creditworthiness in 2021. This means there is a 91% probability that entities with Platinum Creditworthiness rating will maintain the creditworthiness rating also in the next year.

The options of the Siapro shotblatsing machine with a rotating table are:
1. shotblasting large work pieces to be placed on a table
2. shotblasting of fine material such as screws, nuts, washers
3. shotblasting of rims of smaller and larger dimensions e.g. truck rims, including the inside of the rims
4. shotblasting pieces that can be hung.

Rotating table is made of solid manganese steel plates and are of different diameters.

A drum blasting machine Siapro type TRA 300 is used for shotblasting bronze pieces.

Machine is used for shotpeening in automotive industry. Construction of the machine include noise protection.

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