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The Siapro hook shot blasting machine, situated in Holland, is renowned for its advanced surface treatment capabilities. This high-efficiency machine is designed to handle large and irregularly shaped workpieces, ensuring thorough cleaning and preparation. It is widely utilized across various industries for its reliability and superior performance in removing rust, scale, and other contaminants.

your production line. With these machines, you benefit from reduced lead times, cost savings on both the machinery and shipping, and the advantage of tried-and-tested technology that has been optimized for performance and reliability.

Standard shotblasting machines are in stock at the Siapro location in Slovenia. Contact us for an offer. You can also visit us.

The machine works on the principle of sandblasting with a pressure vessel. The machine is specially designed and constructed and is sold to the customer for work in the laboratory. The buyer is from Slovenia. VIDEO

This is a smaller shotblasting machine TRB 40 designed and manufactured in Siapro. Machine is used for shotblasting pins and guards that are dirty with resin.

This roller conveyor shotblasting machine is specially designed for shotblasting constructions smeared with resins. This is our new reference in Europe in England.

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