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Shot blasting machines with hook HB 1000x1400 for a customer in Europe. VIDEO

New Tumbler shot blasting machine TRA 150 + SKIP for our customer in Europe

E-ECO smart shot blasting wheels prepared for transportation to the customer. We can build-in E-ECO wheels in equipment of different producers of shot blasting machines. We cover all production of shot blasting with three dimensions of wheels.
Turbines are 100% manufactured in Slovenia, high quality, controlled production.Siapro use innovative E-ECO complete process monitoring technology in shot blasting. VIDEO

The buliding with the equipment is fully enclosed and EKO-friendly to the environment.
The renovation and modernisation of sand preparation involves the construction of a new building and an extensive investment in new equipment that includes a sand cooler, two mixers with a laboratory (each sand batch will be checked) and an old sand regeneration machine. Over 200 tons of new technological equipment is installed.
SIAPRO engineering, steel construction, PLC programming, Simpson technologies corporation integrated equipment.


Testing of optimal metal surface finishing technology, the main purpose of which is to optimize the costs of shot blasting with maximal efficiency.

The shot blasting machine is integrated into a complete line for shotblasting and painting. Line is used mostly for shot blasting and painting metal hooks for car trailers. The following machines are suitable for shot blasting elements such as castings, forged parts, hanging objects, bars and various metal structures. Work pieces within the blast machine are rotating and moving in a way that makes it possible for very effectively cleaning.  VIDEO

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