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This Siapro shotblasting machine works in the foundry and is intended for shotblasting castings. It is a foundry in Turkey where non-ferrous metals are casted. This is one of the largest drum type shotblasting machines of its kind manufactured by Siapro. In the last year (2023) we have already produced some of these larger drum sandblasting machines and they are all located in Europe. VIDEO 1 Machine in operation during final assembly testing
VIDEO 2 Shotblasting parts

Machine for shot peening and stress peening was designed and manufactured by Siapro and was after some years of operation upgraded for full automation for operating 100% with robot. Machine and robot equipment was design by Siapro on custom made principle. It was delivered and commissioned as turnkey project. Machine and robot need to manipulate with heavy metal leaf springs. The purpose was to settle the full automated production without human work.
Video of robot machine during working

Machine is in operation in Netherlands. Number of wheels 4x11 kW. Pictures show installation and commissioning of the machine made by Siapro technicians and example of shotblasting wheel rims. VIDEO Machine testing during installation

HB 1000x1400 machine. In Siapro we have standard machines also on stock. Call us or write us. VIDEO

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