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We perform turnkey projects. We adjust designs of the machines and equipment to customer’s needs.
VIDEO Factory run test for Siapro skip

Special execution of the machine, custom made machine. Machine high is reduced for 30% according to the Siapro standard machine. Machine is used for shot blasting large welded parts. Filter capacity is 30.000 m3/h. VIDEO

Machine is used for shotblasting forging parts. E-ECO turbines included in the process of complete shotblasting. Atex version of the machine due to aluminum shotblasting.

Machine is designed for operation in foundry. High productive E-ECO turbines are one of the best shot blasting wheels on the market with very high effectiveness. And low cost maintenance.

Turnkey project from machine designing, mechanical and electrical constriction to final commissioning. The special features of the machine are the anti-noise chamber, the division of the rollers 250, the optimal use of space with optimal filter placement and some other advantages of the project drawn to specific order and with special adjustments to customer requirements. VIDEO

Planned inspection and preventive maintenance for the transporter is 2 times per year.  Working condition 24/7. Siapro turnkey engineering project. VIDEO
In Siapro company we offer various types of transporters:
- Vibrating conveyors
- Screw conveyors
- Belt conveyors
- Elevators
- Pneumatic sand transport.

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