Environmental friendly workspace during Metal Surface Preparation: Siapro Mesh Belt Shotblasting Machine with Noise Reduction Chamber


Elevate your industrial processes with efficiency, precision, and reduced noise levels! What sets Siapro apart is not just the outstanding quality of machines, but the commitment to creating a better working environment. Let's talk about the game-changer – the Noise Reduction Chamber! A special chamber was designed to significantly reduce noise levels during the shotblasting process. This means a quieter and more comfortable workspace for your team, leading to increased productivity and a healthier work environment. Siapro company takes it a step further also with our E.ECO technology. These shotblasting machines are equipped with our own developed E.ECO blasting turbines, ensuring top-notch performance, efficiency and cost effectiveness. VIDEO

Photo and video: Big Mesh belt Siapro shotblasting machine 100% produced in Europe at the Siapro production facility and in operation in Scandinavia