Drum shot-lasting machine TRB 150, turbine 1x11 kW E.ECO, year of manufacture 2022, like new NEW, ON STOCK

The machine is suitable for foundries or for a standard work environment. The machine is in stock. A test of the machine in our premises is possible with prior notice.


Machine height: ~5,250 mm

Machine width: ~3,300 mm

Machine length: ~2,500 mm


Max. machine volume: 0.150 m3 (150 liters)

Max. loading weight of the machine: 300 kg

Max. weight of one workpiece: 15 kg

29 to 23

Diameter of the shot-lasting chamber: ~750 mm

Shot-lastingchamber width: ~850 mm

No. sand turbines: 1 x 11kW E-Eco

Frequency converter for turbine: 1 pc

Magnetic cleaner: 1pc

Sandblasting time : Adjustable

PLC: Siemens S7 1200

Modem: 1 pc

Filter : Built into the machine

Installed power of the machine: ~16 kW

Working hours of the sandblasting machine: 37h